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Equation of State, Universal Profiles, Scaling and Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Warm Dark Matter Galaxies

The Dark Matter Distribution Function and Halo Thermalization from the Eddington Equation in Galaxies

Constraining the Warm Dark Matter Particle Mass through Ultra-deep UV Luminosity Functions at z=2

A Stringent Limit on the Warm Dark Matter Particle Masses from the Abundance of z=6 Galaxies in the Hubble Frontier Fields

Fundamental Physics with the Hubble Frontier Fields: Constraining Dark Matter Models with the Abundance of Extremely Faint and Distant Galaxies

A White Paper on keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter

Warm Dark Matter Galaxies with Central Supermassive Black-Holes

Gravitational waves from Inflation in the Ginsburg-Landau approach and the CMB+LSS observations.

Henri Poincaré and his pioneering work on general relativity and gravitational waves
(Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 1906).

CDM/WIMPS are not the Dark Matter, CDM/Axions are not the Dark Matter.

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The current Transformations of Science -

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