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Chalonge de Vega School Channel

In remote, 16h00 Paris Time

- Thursday 21 January 2021: Prof. Dr Carlos O. LOUSTO', Professor at RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology- School of Mathematical Sciences, Co-Director of the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation, Rochester NY:
From simulations of binary black holes to insights into astrophysics and gravitational waves

Presentation Carlos O. LOUSTO (.pdf)

Presentation Video Carlos O. LOUSTO and Discussion (.mp4)

Programme 2021 Nobel Lectures in Physics (.pdf)

In remote, 16h00 Paris Time

- Thursday 28 January 2021: Prof. Dr Gerard 't HOOFT, Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University and Spinoza Institute:
Quantum Black Holes

Presentation Gerard 't HOOFT (.pdf)

Presentation Video Gerard 't HOOFT and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 3 February 2021: Prof. Dr Reinhard GENZEL, Nobel Prize in Physics,Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching:
A Forty-Year Journey: Testing General Relativity and The Massive Black Hole Paradigm with Infrared Techniques in the Galactic Center

Presentation Reinhard GENZEL (.pdf)

Presentation Video Reinhard GENZEL and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 10 February 2021: Prof. Dr Barry C. BARISH, Nobel Prize in Physics, LIGO Caltech Laboratory, LSCEC, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena and University of California Riverside:
Gravitational-Wave Detections: Understanding our Universe with Gravitational Waves

Presentation Barry C. BARISH (.pdf)

Presentation Video Barry C. BARISH and Discussion (.mp4)

- Thursday 4 March 2021: Prof. Dr Didier QUELOZ, Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor at the Cavendish Laboratory-Astrophysics, Cambridge UK and Geneva University:
Exoplanet Revolution

Presentation Video Didier QUELOZ and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 17 March 2021: Prof. Dr Manuela CAMPANELLI, Professor at RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology- School of Mathematical Sciences and Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Program, Director of the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation, and Astrophysics and Space Physics Institute for Research Excellence, Rochester NY:
Glimpse of Light from the Deep Universe: Supermassive Black Holes approaching Merger.

Presentation Manuela CAMPANELLI (.pdf)

Presentation Video Manuela CAMPANELLI and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 31 March 2021: Prof Dr Peter L. BIERMANN, Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal, Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Research Department of Millimeter - and Submillimeter Astronomy, Bonn, Germany.
40 years of Observing Mergers of Spinning Black Holes: State of the art and Understanding

Presentation Peter L. BIERMANN (.pdf)

Presentation Video Peter L. BIERMANN and Discussion (.mp4)

- Thursday 8 April 2021: Prof. Dr John C. MATHER, Nobel Prize in Physics and Chalonge Medal, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Cosmology, JWST SPS, Greenbelt:
Opening the Infrared Treasure Chest with JWST. Getting JWST ready, what it can do. New observational techniques for adaptive optics using orbiting laser guide stars. Wouldn't it be great to have nearly perfect imaging at visible wavelengths with the ELT?

Presentation John C. MATHER (.pdf)

Presentation Video John C. MATHER and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 21 April 2021: Prof Dr Nicholas -Nick- KAISER, Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Laboratoire de Physique ENS Paris, France.
Cosmology with Gravitational Lensing

Presentation Nicholas KAISER (.pdf)

Presentation Video Nicholas KAISER and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 28 April 2021: Prof. Dr Floyd W. STECKER, NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center, Science and Exploration Directorate, Astrophysics, Fields and Particles, Greenbelt:
Big Bang Theory and High Energy Astrophysics

Presentation Floyd W. STECKER (.pdf)

Presentation Video Floyd W. STECKER and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 5 May 2021: Dr Esra BULBUL, Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Head scientist of the galaxy clusters group, lead scientist for eRosita cosmology and cluster science.
eROSITA and Dark Quest project: Shedding Light on the Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Multi-wavelength All-Sky Surveys

Presentation Video Esra BULBUL and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 19 May 2021: Prof. Dr Arthur B. MCDONALD, Nobel Prize in Physics 2015, SNO Director Experiment, Gordon and Patricia Gray Chair in Particle Astrophysics, Emeritus, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada:
Particle Astrophysics in Underground Laboratories

Presentation Arthur B. MCDONALD (.pdf)

Presentation Video Arthur B. MCDONALD, Discussion and Fond Memories (.mp4)

- Wednesday 9 June 2021 : Prof Dr Gerard -Gerry- F. GILMORE, Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Institute of Astronomy -University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal, Cambridge, UK:
Gaia and what it is telling us about Dark Matter and Galaxy Evolution

Presentation Gerard -Gerry- F. GILMORE (.pdf)

Presentation Video Gerard -Gerry- F. GILMORE and Discussion (.mp4)

- Wednesday 23 June 2021: Prof Dr Peter COLES, Professor at the National University of Ireland, Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics, Maynooth, Ireland, Editor-in-Chief of The Open Journal of Astrophysics:
The State of the Universe

Presentation Peter COLES (.pdf)

Presentation Video Peter COLES, Discussion and Fond Memories (.mp4)

Summer News

- Special Issue keV Warm Dark Matter in Tribute to Hector de Vega (Free of Charge):
Submission is Open: Deadline 1st October 2021.

-Special Issue Women Physicists in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics (Free of Charge):
Submission is Open: Deadline 31 October 2021.

- Wednesday 6 October 2021: Prof. Dr Eiikiro KOMATSU, Director of the Department of Physical Cosmology, Max-Planck-Institut fur Astrophysik, Garching, Germany:
Finding Gravitational Waves from the Early Universe. General overview of the B-mode polarization. New results on the gravitational production from gauge fields using inflation. LiteBIRD.

-Wednesday 10 November 2021, *13:30-17:00 CEST* :
Universe Special Webinaire keV Warm Dark Matter in Agreement with Observations in Tribute to Hector de Vega.
Programme TBA

-Wednesday 17 November 2021, *13:30-17:00 CEST* :
Universe Special Webinaire : Women Physicists in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physicists.
Programme TBA

- And Other LECTURERS ... TBA along the Year ...

Closing Lecture of the Year:
- Wednesday 8 December 2021 : Prof. Dr Adam G. RIESS, Nobel Prize in Physics, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Space Telescope Science Institute, Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal, Baltimore, MD, USA.