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New Physics: Trans-Planckian Physics in the Universe and Black Holes.

New Physics: keV Warm Dark Matter in Galaxies, Cosmology, Particle and Nuclear Physics

- Pantheon + SHOESS H0 = 73.30+/-1.04km s-1 Mpc-1

- Programme 2022

- Registration to the Sessions 2022 by Zoom

- Novelties, Learning and Understanding, "The best of"

- Gallery Photos

- Nobel Chalonge de Vega School Channel

- keV Warm Dark Matter: Special Issue in Tribute to Hector de Vega:

A Collection of 12 Recently Published Articles in Open Access Free of Charge

Academic Editor: Norma G. Sanchez

Submission of Manuscripts Free of Charge continues Open in 2022 (No deadline)

- Topical Collection Women Physicists in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics:

A Collection of 12 Recently Articles in Open Access Free of Charge

Academic Editor: Norma G. Sanchez

Submission of Manuscripts Free of Charge continues Open in 2022 (No deadline)

- Quantum Discrete Levels of the Universe from the Early Trans-Planckian Vacuum to the Late Dark Energy

Warm Dark Matter Galaxies with Central Supermassive Black Holes 2022

Galaxy phase-space density data preclude Bose-Einstein condensate be the total Dark Matter (.pdf)

- Science in the City and in Free Access, Highlights: Last News of Norma Sanchez

- Science in the Work Places, The Fractal Tree of the Universe and its Quantum Roots (.pdf)

-Science in the National Education (.pdf)

- Science Culture, School Museum, Memory and Living History (.pdf)

- Science Culture, School Museum, Memory and Living History (.pdf)

- Mariannes France-Argentine, French-Argentinian Remarkable Women Leaders:

- ESO Cosmic Duologues ASTRO2022: Web conference "The Present and Future of Astronomy"

- Femmes et Sciences, Ministère de l'Europe et Affaires Etrangères, Ambassades d'Argentine, Colombie, Mexique en France, Institut Cervantes de Paris (.pdf)

- 16-18 Avril 2022 (.pdf)

- Achademia Leonardi Vinci. Leonardo Research Studies

Programme and Journal (.pdf)

ECOS 2022 Sciences de l'Univers (.pdf)

- Planckian and Trans-Planckian Physics in Black Holes and Quantum Space-Time

- Física del Universo: El Universo desde sus Origenes Cuánticos hasta Nuestros Días.

U. Nacional del Cauca, Colombia, Cs. Fisicas - 50 Aniversario.


- Conference Warm Dark Matter: Macroscopic Quantum Physics in Galaxies with central Supermassive Black Holes by Norma Sanchez, (16 June 2022, SISSA-IFPU Workshop The Nature of Dark Matter, Trieste, Italy) :

Presentation (.pdf)

- Unificacion Fisica: El Universo desde sus Origenes Cuanticos hasta Nuestros Dias,Norma G. Sanchez
en la Carrera de posgrado Comunicacion Publica de la Ciencia UBA Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-07-2022

Recording / video of the Conference (.mp4)

Presentation (.pdf)

- STERILE NEUTRINO Latest Highlights and News June-July 2022: Articles, Recordings and Conference

Presentations (NEUTRINO 2022 50th Anniversary, Virtual Seoul) and Call for Papers (.pdf)

- 10th Anniversary of the Higgs Boson Discovery, 4 July 2022 CERN Brout, Englert (prix Nobel de Physique) and Higgs (prix Nobel de Physique) - Memories and Reminiscences

10th_anniversary-Higgs_boson_discovery (.pdf)

- James WEBB SpaceTelescope : 11-12 July 2022 Images-First Results


And Other Events ... To be Announced

In remote:

- Wednesday 2 November 2022 at 11:30 AM Paris Time CET: Prof. Dr Takaaki KAJITA,
Nobel Prize in Physics 2015, Distinguished University Professor, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo, Japon: NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS

In remote:


- Wednesday 7 December 2022 at 16:00 Paris Time CET: Prof. Dr Adam G. RIESS,

Nobel Prize in Physics, Distinguished Professor , Johns Hopkins University, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA, Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal, H0 Award.

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