JUNE 11-15, 2002


coorganized with the ITALIAN SPACE AGENCY (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, ASI),

in the framework of the

School of Astrofundamental Physics

"Daniel CHALONGE" .

MAIN TOPICS: Key issues on Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Theory and Observations. Black Hole Astrophysics, Neutrino Astrophysics; Astrofundamental Physics for and from EUSO, ISS, SAX, CHANDRA, XMM, MITA, NINA, INTEGRAL, SWIFT, GLAST.
PURPOSE OF THE MEETING: The purpose of this Meeting is to discuss key issues and recent progress on high energy astrofundamental physics for which space experiments are providing and/or are expected to provide major results. Both theory and observations will be covered. Enough time for discussions will be given.
PROCEEDINGS OF THE COLLOQUE: the Proceedings of the Colloque will be published by the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana within its series.
SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE : Héctor J. de Vega, Maria Cristina Falvella, Igor Novikov, Giorgio Palumbo, Norma Sanchez.
ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Héctor J. de Vega, Maria Cristina Falvella, Norma Sanchez, Francesco Sylos Labini.

The seventh COLLOQUE COSMOLOGIE will be held in
Paris at the Observatoire de Paris, from
Tuesday June 11 (arrival) to Saturday June 15, 2002.

The purpose of these meetings is to cover selected topics
of high current interest in the interplay between
cosmology and fundamental physics.

The COLLOQUES COSMOLOGIE are informal meetings.

The main aim of this series of COLLOQUIA is to put in contact fundamental theoretical physics (including string theory) with real physical problems that arise in the study of the universe. The Paris Cosmology Colloquia bring together physicists, astrophysicists and astronomers. The format of the Colloque is intended to allow easy and fruitful mutual contacts and communication.

The purpose of these Colloquia is an updated understanding, from a fundamental point of view, of the progress and current problems in the early universe, cosmic microwave background radiation, large scale structure, gamma ray bursts and neutrinos in astrophysics, dark matter problem, and the interplay between them. Emphasis is given to the mutual impact of fundamental physics and cosmology, both at theoretical and experimental -or observational- levels.

Deep understanding, clarification, synthesis, a careful interdisciplinarity within a fundamental physics approach, are goals of this series of Colloques.

All Lectures are plenary and are followed by a discussion.

Sessions will leave enough time for private discussions and to enjoy the beautiful parisian campus of the Observatoire de Paris (built on orders from Colbert and to plans by Claude Perrault from 1667 to 1672).

More information can be found in the Proceedings of the Second (1994), Third (1995) and Fourth Colloquia (1997) published by World Scientific (H J de Vega and N. Sánchez, Editors). The Proceedings of the Fifth Colloquium (1998) and Sixth Colloquium (1999) has been published by the Observatoire de Paris, (H J de Vega and N. Sánchez, Editors).

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