ON LINE Productions and the International School of Astrophysics
Daniel Chalonge have the pleasure of announcing you the film
of 50 mn


Erice-Ecole Chalonge

which will be broadcasted by ARTE Television

THURSDAY 2 APRIL 1998 at 23H40

within the "soirée Théma" dedicated to "ALBERT EINSTEIN"

With subjects as: string theory, the early universe, inflation, cosmic microwave background fluctuations, dark matter, galaxy formation models and large scale structure.

With interviews to:

Craig HOGAN (Univ. Washington, Seattle)
Edward KOLB (Fermilab, Chicago)
Andrei LINDE (Univ. Stanford)
Joel PRIMACK (Univ. Californie, Santa Cruz)
Hubert REEVES (Saclay-DAPNIA)
Norma SANCHEZ (Observatoire de Paris, Demirm)
George SMOOT (Univ. Californie, Berkeley)
Christoff WETTERICH (Univ. Heidelberg)
Antonino ZICHICHI (CERN et Centre Ettore Majorana)
and interviews to young participants.

The film shows too what is a scientific meeting, how these courses work, how physicists and astrophysicists work, the importance of strong theoretical research, the value of ideas in scientific progress, of discussions and confrontations, and the international dimension of science.

Erice, city of science, site of the Majorana Center and of the Chalonge School, are wonderfully shown.

The film admits several readings and at differente levels; there are several films within this film, and one of its merits is to give space and time to scientists to explain with passion the subjects of their work.

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