The International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge has the pleasure to announce the creation of  a new programme: the International Programme of Cosmology Daniel Chalonge.

This is a Theory Research Programme running over the whole year, conceived as a hard core for theoretical research in cosmology.

The goal of this Project is to contribute to a theory  of the universe (and particularly of the early universe) up to the marks, and at the scientific height of, the unprecedented  accuracy, existent and expected, in the observational data.

The impressive development of modern cosmology during the last decades is to a
large extent due to its unification with elementary particle physics and quantum field theory.

The cross-section between these fields has been increasing  setting up Astrofundamental Physics. The early universe is an exceptional (theoretical and experimental) laboratory in this new discipline.

From a fundamental physics point of view, progress in the field can not be expected to come only from the observational input. Theory has an essential  role in making input and  progress in the field.

Scientific research and scientific progress in this field are the basis and the reason of this Programme

This Programme does concentrate the task on those real problems  which are basic and fundamental in modern cosmology, with powerful theoretical approachs, and their observational consequences.

Moreover, the methods (analytical and/or numerical) developped and applied in this Programme can be useful in other problems of astrophysics, requiring hard theoretical approach as well.

This Programme combines strong expertise in order to  make a convergent effort around hard theory problems, which are essential and fundamental in the field.

The results of this research are exposed in particular in the events (Courses, workshop, Colloquia) organized within the framework of the International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge.

The debate and contradictory discussion on research at the frontier of knowledge and on novel subjects are source of scientific progress.

In the spirit of the Courses and Colloquia of the International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge,  the International Programme of Cosmology Daniel Chalonge sets up and encourages subjects at the frontier of knowledge, and the scientific discussion, within a perspective of synthesis, enlightenment and unified knowledge.

The Programme develops, supports and promotes research in the following domains:

-Towards a complete theory of Inflation with reliable observational predictions: Inflation with the out of equilibrium and selfconsistent evolution of quantum fields in the framework of semiclassical gravity.

-Towards a complete theory of Inflation with reliable observational predictions: the problem of Inflation in the framework of string theory.

-String theory in curved spacetimes, physical effects and reliable observational consequences: strong gravitational fields, black holes, primordial universe, spacetime singularities.

-The problem of black hole evaporation (and its final state) in the framework of string theory.

-Towards a complete theory, statistical and dynamical, of selfgravitating systems in astrophysics and cosmology:
Fractals and scaling laws in astrophysics and cosmology. Selfgravitating N-body
problem, turbulence in the presence of gravity, renormalisation group and field theory.
Confrontation of theory with observations and new theoretical predictions.

This Programme is a Theoretical Physics approach to Cosmology and Astrophysics, with the theory of  elementary particles, modern statistical physics, quantum field theory and string theory.

The point is the development of predictives theories, the extraction of conclusive results, the confrontation of  results to observations and the prediction of novel ones.

    Moreover, three Cornestone Projects help these researches:


"THIRD MILLENNIUM" offers an expertise  in the subjects and fields above refered, sets up  and encourages the scientific debate and contradictory scientific discussion on fundamental problems concerning the above refered subjects.

"YOUNG TALENTS" offers a scientific formation and guide to young scientists, doctoral and post-doctoral levels, in the subjects above refered.

In addition, it provides fellowships to young people to participate and to expose new developments in the events (Meetings, Workshops, Colloquia) of the International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge.

Both Projects encourage the participation of scientists (young and senior) of different disciplines in the events (Courses, Workshops, Colloquia) organised in the framework of the International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge.

                         Prof. Dr Norma Sanchez
                         Director of the School
                         Director of the Programme

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